CRUD operations using Nodejs,MySQL and Restify


Restify is very popular nodejs restful framework to create rest api. This nodejs tutorial help to create CRUD operations for customer module ,We will create rest api to add customer, edit customer, view customer data and delete customer using restapi. I will use MySQL as database for customer table.

The node.js and MySQL both are open source so you don’t worry to purchase license for database and server.

Python Requests Post Example

Python Post Requests

This tutorial help to create Python HTTP post requests example. The HTTP POST request help to post data to the server in the form of json or form.

You can create New or Update record using Python Http Post request.

I am using python 3.4+ and flask framework to create http post call.I am using some dependencies to create post request o post payload into server.

How To Use Python HTTP Post Request

We will install following dependencies using python pip.The pip is the package manager for python application.First, we will create 'sample-api' folder and change directory into it.

We will create file and added below code into this file.

I am passing following data as json payloads using postman, and will get into '/blog_post' route path.

We ware using json = for json type payload, For form-data then we will use data =

Since, I am passing data using postman, So i am getting data using, Otherwise pass direct dictionary like data = payloads.