Paypal Payment Gateway Integration with PHP


Paypal is the most popular payment gateway to send and receive money using web application and mobile. PayPal provides functionality to receive and send fund using internet.

This php payment gateway tutorial help to add PayPal gateway with web application using PHP. Paypal have two environment , one is sandbox account for developer testing and other is prod , for live environment.This paypal payment gateway tutorial will use paypal sandbox account to test product transaction.

How to Integrate Payment Gateway in PHP


We will let you know about integrating payment gateway using PHP. I will use official PHP library for that will have necessary method which are using in this tutorial and online transaction in your website. return the string response, So we don’t need to create payment notification page and any other post payment request.You can get more information from API Document.

Different Types of Web Services

Web service is used to interact the other web application for exchange the data information.Web services are using open standard (XML, SOAP, HTTP) protocol to communicate between client and server.There are two parties are involved one is provider (Server) and other is consumer(Client).

Web-service Request and Response data must be in JSON and XML open format.There are mainly two types of web services available.

WordPress Rest api Example and Uses


WordPress is popular PHP CMS for blog, forum or website.Rest api is a popular way to communicate different application on web in gentle way. Rest Api enable to access your site’s data through an easy-to-use HTTP REST API.
By default, WordPress not providing any Restful API to communicate database data, We need to install WordPress REST API (Version 2) plugin that provides an easy to use REST API, available via HTTP. You can get site’s data in simple JSON format, including users, posts, taxonomies and more. You can also fetch or update data using HTTP request API.